Do You Get Penalty Rates On Easter Sunday?

Is working Good Friday Illegal?

Good Friday and Easter Sunday are restricted trading periods in New South Wales.

This means only exempt businesses are permitted to open on those days..

Does Easter Saturday attract penalty rates?

“If Easter Saturday or Sunday are not recognised as public holidays in your state, weekend penalty rates will still apply and you should double check you are being paid correctly,” Mr Neilson said.

How much extra do you get paid on Sunday?

Not all workplace agreements or Modern Awards require payment at a higher rate. However, most will require an employer to pay at least 150% (time and a half) of the normal base wage for work performed on a Saturday and 200% (double time) for employees who perform work on a Sunday.

What is the penalty rate for public holidays?

Full- and part-time workers are entitled to a 225% loading on public holidays. Casuals are entitled to 250% of their standard rate for all hours worked on public holidays.

Is working Easter Sunday double time?

Some employers provide holidays off or pay extra for working on a holiday; however, there are no federal or state laws that require companies to compensate you for holidays off or to pay you extra (over and above your normal hourly rate) for working on a holiday.

Is Easter Sunday classed as a bank holiday?

Despite Easter being one of the most important events in the Christian calendar it is not a bank holiday. Both Good Friday and Easter Monday are bank holidays, but not Easter Sunday.

Do you get double time and a half on public holidays?

Casuals working on a public holiday are paid at the rate of double-time-and-a-half with a minimum payment for three hours of work.

Do you have to pay double time on holidays?

There is nothing in state law that mandates an employer pay an employee a special premium for work performed on holidays, Saturdays, or Sundays, other than the overtime premium required for work in excess of eight hours in a workday or 40 hours in a workweek.

Do public holidays affect pay?

If staff are on annual leave or carers/personal leave on a public holiday, the public holiday is paid and not taken out of their leave balance. This means that the employees will receive their full base rate for that day. … For example, Easter Sunday is a public holiday in NSW but not in Queensland.

Do I get double pay on Easter Sunday?

“When an employee works on a bank holiday, there is no statutory right to extra pay – for example “time and a half” or double pay. Any right to extra pay depends on the terms of the employee’s contract of employment.” If you get time and a half for Bank Holidays it will only be for the 8 days listed.

Do I get paid for Good Friday?

If Good Friday falls on your day off, and you qualify – you are entitled to another day off with pay. … If you do have to work that day you get your normal day’s pay plus one and a half times your regular rate of wages for the hours worked on the holiday.

Is Easter Saturday double time and a half?

Double time and a half (when on Easter Saturday, such time worked on a voluntary basis with minimum payment of 4 hours). Triple time, or where employee is allowed off at ordinary time the day preceding the holiday, paid double time and a half.