How Can I Get Mtn 10gb Free Data?

Is MTN giving free data?

MTN Free Data 500mb To Enjoy Free 500 MB from MTN dial *449*2# or dial *449*1#.

If it works for you, you will get a congratulations message from Mtn telling you that you have 7 days to enjoy free Internet browsing worth 500MB.

You can accumulate this MTN Free Data Promo by dialing the code repeated..

How can I get 1gb for 100 naira on MTN?

MTN 1GB For N100 All you need to do is recharge up to N100 on your line, dial the activate and you are good. Simply dial *131*100# to activate.

How can I get MTN 5gb free?

You only need to swap/upgrade your SIM. After that, go to the nearest MTN office and swap your MTN SIM to a 4G LTE SIM. Then dial *131*4# and the free 5GB data will be given to you instantly. That’s all.

How do I get 100 data bonus on MTN?

After successfully tweaking the imei to your phone, just wait for about 7 – 10 minutes and you should receive a message from MTN that says Welcome to MTN family. Please dial *131# Now to buy any Data bundle and enjoy INSTANT FREE 100% BONUS for the next 6 months….Send Double to 131.Send Promo to 131.Send Free to 131.

How can I double my data on MTN 2020?

How To Get MTN Double Data OffersThe first step is to open your message application on your phone, Type ‘Promotion’ as the body of your instant message and send to 131.After sending, you will get a message which should be “Thank you for buying in for data group… … Dial *131# to buy any MTN data offer of your decision.

How can I get MTN 1gb free data?

By running on MTN’s network, it means that users with an MTN prepaid SIM card can also sign up for Air Mobile using their mobile number and begin receiving 1GB free data every month. To claim the 1GB free mobile data, subscribers must log into the Afrihost app every month.

How do I activate Mtn 10gb?

SMS: Texting 2 to 131. USSD: Dialing *131*4# (for main data bundle and bonus), or *556#. MyMTN App.

How can I get 10gb with 100 MTN?

Send an SMS with the word “4G” to 131. Alternatively, simply send 4G to 131 using your text message. Your MTN SIM will be credited with FREE 10GB data. You will also get 100% data (2X data) deal whenever you subscribe to any MTN data plan.

How can I get 1.5 GB on MTN 500?

1.5 GB on MTN Pulse for N500Text 406 to 131 or Dial *406*1# to migrate to MTN Pulse.You can subscribe to 1.5GB weekly bundle by sending 103 to 131 or by dialing *406*2# and the bundle fee of N500 will be deducted.You will then receive 1.5GB in your account.

How can I get free Internet at home without paying?

How to Get Free Internet at Home without Paying AnythingBest Ways to Get Free Internet.Freedom Pop for Free Internet.NetZero for Free Internet.Wi-Fi Free Spot for Free Internet.Check with your service providers for Free Internet.Search for a Municipal Wireless Network in Your Area.Use your Phone as a Hotspot for Free Internet.Ask a Neighbor for Free Internet.More items…

How do I get 1gb on MTN for 200?

Mtn 1gb for 200 day plan Just dial *131*1#, select daily plan, select the option with N200 for 1GB (instabinge).

How can I get 5gb data with 50?

MTN Users | How To Get 5GB For ₦50 (Valid For One Week)Subscribe to WeChat weekly bundle by dialing *662# (reply with → 6 → 2 → 1)Dial *131*4# to check your data balance.If your SIM is eligible, the 5gb will be there for you.You can accumulate the data by repeating the steps.OTE: This offer is not available to all MTN SIMs and is valid for 1 week.

What is the best app for free internet?

What Are Free Internet Apps For Android?4G Speed test.Insta Bridge.Internet Speeder.Gigato.

What is the code for MTN free data?

Requirements: 1. Your Nigerian MTN SIM card with zero data and call credit 2. An Android device, iOS or PC 3. The configuration settings Procedures: To Get the free data simply dial *131*7*5*1*1# repeatedly for it to keep accumulating.

Where can I get free data?

There are a few things that you can do to get your hands on some free mobile data….Apps that give you free Internet on your cell phoneGigato. Where to get it: Gigato on Google Play. … Databack App. … Mcent. … KickBit. … HotSpot Finder. … Swagbucks.

How can I get free minutes on MTN?

In order to receive the promotion, Users will first need to migrate to MTN Zone by dialling *136*4*2# and then dial *175*0#. Users will then be notified when they can use their free minutes. Here are the free minutes received per airtime recharge amount: R10.

How can I get 2gb on MTN 500?

To activate the MTN 2GB for N500,Dial *131*1*1*5# or dial *131#.Then select option 1, which is proceed.

How can I get free 4g data?

AIR-TEL GET 10GB 4G DATA “ABSOLUTELY” FREE FOR 90 DAYSGo To Your Dial Pad And Dial Number- 5999555 (Toll Free) – Free 10 GB. … Done Wait For Few Mins and You will Get Success Message stating You have Got Air-Tel 10 GB Daily Free 4G Data For 28 Days.Enjoy, Do Check You Balance With My Air-Tel App.More items…•