Is Elated An Emotion?

What is the opposite of elated?


Antonyms: depressed, dispirited, disappointed, abashed, confounded, humiliated, disconcerted, dejected..

What is another word for elated?

Elated Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for elated?ecstaticexciteddelightedelevatedeuphoricthrilledjoyfuljoyousjubilantoverjoyed234 more rows

How many ways can you say yes?

You’re about to learn 33 different ways to say “yes” in English. Also check out How to Answer “How Are You?” + 9 Interesting Ways to Ask It. “Yes” is a lovely word, but there are so many different ways to say “yes.”

Is flabbergasted an emotion?

When you see your mom come back from the salon with bright green spiky hair and your jaw drops to the floor in total shock, you’re flabbergasted. You are really, really shocked — pretty much speechless. Use the adjective flabbergasted to describe someone who’s astounded or surprised for any reason, good or bad.

What is the best synonym for elated?


What are the 10 basic emotions?

They include sadness, happiness, fear, anger, surprise and disgust.Sadness. An emotional state characterized by feelings of disappointment, grief or hopelessness. … Happiness. A pleasant emotional state that elicits feelings of joy, contentment and satisfaction. … Fear. … Anger. … Surprise. … Disgust.

What is a another word for real?

Synonyms. factual echt realistic historical objective sincere reality realism existent documentary actual concrete genuine realness.

What is a synonym for a lot of fun?

lots of fun / synonymslot of fun.great pleasure.great deal of pleasure.much pleasure.enjoy. v.have fun.lot of much fun.More items…

What is the word for more than happy?

i am more than happy. i will be glad. i will be pleased. i will gladly.

Is flabbergasted a slang word?

: feeling or showing intense shock, surprise, or wonder : utterly astonished Every second person wore a blank flabbergasted expression, having just offered some gratuitous insult to a stranger, or, perhaps, received one.—

What does feeling elated mean?

very happy or proud; jubilant; in high spirits: an elated winner of a contest.

Is elated a verb or adjective?

transitive verb. : to fill with joy or pride. elate. adjective. Definition of elate (Entry 2 of 2)

What emotion is determination?

Determination is a positive approach-related emotion, whereas anger is a negative approach-related emotion. Thus, determination and anger share a motivational direction but are opposite in valence. An implemental mind-set has previously been shown to produce high-approach-motivated positive affect.

Does ecstatic mean happy?

If you are ecstatic, you feel very happy and full of excitement. … You can use ecstatic to describe reactions that are very enthusiastic and excited. For example, if someone receives an ecstatic reception or an ecstatic welcome, they are greeted with great enthusiasm and excitement.

What is a fancy word for exciting?

adj.inspiring, exhilarating.