Question: Can I Send Money Abroad With HSBC?

Does HSBC charge for international transfers?

There is no fee if you transfer money to another HSBC account.

It’s fairly standard these days to charge a lower fee for online transfers compared to using a branch or telephone banking..

How much does HSBC UK charge for international transfers?

To make a transfer to other banks within the UK or abroad, there is a fee of: GBP 4 for Premier customers in online banking and GBP 9 in phone banking. GBP 6 for Advance customers in online banking and GBP 14 in phone banking.

Can I send money to an international bank account?

Transferring money from your domestic bank account to a foreign bank account is easy with OFX. In just a few simple steps, you can set up a single or recurring international transfers via our website or mobile app, and every transfer is swift and secure.

Can I use my HSBC account in another country?

You can rely on HSBC wherever you travel. While traveling internationally, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that the HSBC Group’s ATMs and branch locations offer personal financial services in many countries. Emergency financial support is also available worldwide.