Question: How Do I Register For Al Mubasher?

How can I register mobile banking in Al Rajhi?

Call 920003344 from your registered mobileSelect the number 0 for other services.Select the number 2 for IVR register services..

How can I open online banking in Al Rajhi?

The process of opening a bank account onlineFilling the bank account application form via the website.Verifying your mobile number.Documenting your information with Absher.Once you complete the account opening process, you will receive an SMS message with your account information.More items…

What is Al Mubasher Retail?

Al Mubasher Retail is the internet banking service from Al Rajhi Bank that allows you to do most of your banking transactions anytime, anywhere with convenience and in a completely secured environment.

How can I update my ID in Al Rajhi bank online?

Update iqama in Al Rajhi through Phone BankingCall Al Rajhi Helpline number at 920003344.Press 2 to choose your language “English”Press “5” to update ID card information.The phone banking system will fetch your birthday details and ask you to confirm it by pressing “1”.More items…

How can I activate my first time Rajhi ATM card?

Steps to activate card:Call from registered mobile to (920003344 for retail / 8001248880 for private & affluent)Login to your phone services with your phone banking PIN.Enter the card number and select a new PIN, then enter again for confirmation.To complete the activation, the first use should be on the ATM.More items…