Question: How Do You Send Credit To Another Phone On 3?

Why can’t I top up my 3 phone?

Problems topping up by card Check if your card has expired.

Double check you’ve entered all your details correctly.

Make sure you have enough funds in your account..

How do I send credit to another Digicel phone?

Dial *128* then the phone number of the person you are sending the credit to (including the area code), then * the amount, then # and press the call button or send button. For example *128*18681234567*2#.

How do you send please credit me?

Sending a Credit Me request is quick and easy! Just follow the simple steps below. 1. Dial *127*5999 the receiver’s number* the amount you want to request # and press send.

How do I get free lime credit?

You can earn Lime credits by successfully inviting friends to ride who are new to Lime. You can do this by sharing your referral code via “Get Free Credits” in the Lime app menu. The Lime credit amount is subject to change.

How do you check your credit with 3?

How do I check my Three credit balance?If you have registered a My3 account, log in to it. Then, click on Check account balance.Over the phone, by calling 444 from your mobile phone.On the Three app, that you can download from Apple’s App Store or on the Play Store.

What number do you ring to top up on 3?

Call. Dial 1744 free from your Three number, add your credit or debit card and top up what you like.

How do I sell my Digicel credit?

Be your own Boss and sign up to sell credit from your mobile today. Call 175 or 8766183746 between the hours of 9 am-5pm to sign up.

How do you send flow credit?

Send credit home via FLOW or LIME retailers across the Caribbean in select locations.Give the retailer the amount you wish to Top Up along with the Flow Mobile or Landline number of the person you are sending credit to. … The credit is transferred electronically to the account.

How do I put credit on my 3 pay as you go?

To top-up by credit or debit card, you’ll need to register a credit or debit card first. To do this, log-in to your My3 account, select Manage cards from the Top-up section, then Add card, or call 333 from your Three phone. When you call us, select Top-up with a card and follow the instructions to top-up.

What is a top up?

an amount added to something in order to raise it to or maintain it at a desired level. (as modifier)a top-up loan; a top-up policy.

How do I send a call me request?

To send a Call Me message:Dial *111 * the person’s number #Press the Call/Send button.The receiving party will receive a text message asking him or her to call you.

How do I send credit to Jamaica online?

Recharge a mobile phone in 3 easy steps:Recharge Details. Choose where, to whom and how much credit you want to send.Proceed to Payment. Pay with your PayPal, credit or debit card. It doesn’t matter what you choose.Phone is recharged. Your recharge is sent almost instantly and the recipient can enjoy the credit.

How do I top up someone elses phone on 3?

Anyone can top up a Three customer online, simply visit our Instant Top Up page.Enter and confirm the phone number you want to top up (ensure you have the right number).Choose the top up amount, and follow the instructions.

How do I put credit on someone elses phone?

Dial *128* then the phone number of the person you are sending the credit to (including the area code), then * the amount, then # and press the call button or send button. For example *128*8761234567*2#.

Can you top up someone else’s mobile?

Online or website means going to the mobile provider’s internet site to top-up. You will need a credit / debit card for payment. This option may also be used to top-up credit on someone else’s account. Your bank may also allow you to top-up yours or another’s mobile account.