Question: How Many Students Can Moodle Handle?

What is the use of Moodle?

Moodle stands for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment.

Founded and developed by Martin Dougiamas in 2002, Moodle was designed to provide educators, administrators, and learners with an open, robust, secure and free platform to create and deliver personalized learning environments..

How can I improve my Moodle performance?

Note: The fastest and most effective change that you can make to improve performance is to increase the amount of RAM on your web server – get as much as possible (e.g. 4GB or more). Increasing primary memory will reduce the need for processes to swap to disk and will enable your server to handle more users.

How does Moodle make money?

The contribution which partners pay is like a franchise fee they pay in exchange for being able to use Moodle logo and name to advertise their business. Their customers pay them only for services rendered, no license fees.

Is Moodle free for teachers?

Leading learning management system today announced MoodleCloud, offering a cloud-hosting solution for teachers, trainers or anyone to effortlessly deploy Moodle as a learning environment, with zero installation or hosting charges.

How much does it cost to use Moodle?

Additional Open Source LMS Cost elementsCost element (other than License Cost)MoodleAdministrator and user Training$3,000Upgrades$3,000Sub-Total$18,500$32,550Total Cost for 3 years$18,500$97,6508 more rows•Aug 4, 2014

Is Moodle free to use?

Moodle is a free online learning management system, or LMS (also known as VLE.) … Anywhere learning takes place, Moodle can be used.

How do I test my Moodle performance?

To test out the performance of the Moodle, go to “Site Administration > Reports > Benchmark”. The benchmark plugin is a good reference to check some parts in Moodle and out of Moodle on your server hardware. The plugin is highly appreciated and praised by the Moodle community members.

How many users can Moodle handle?

For each gigabyte of memory, Moodle can support 50 concurrent users (Moodle News, 2011). Therefore, by knowing how much memory an institution has set aside for Moodle and the number of concurrent users per second it is possible to determine the percentage of memory being used at a given moment.

Why is Moodle so slow?

BUT…. by default, Moodle will write it’s cache data on ‘moodledata’. The cache is very critical to performance. If moodledata is on another machine and it is slow – and mostly that arrangement is slow – you will see very long page load times. Either set the cache to write to local disk or set up a memcached server.

Where can I host Moodle?

9 Best Moodle Hosting Service Providers#1 MoodleCloud.#3 KeyToSchool.#4 A2 Hosting.#5 Lambda.#7 TMD Hosting.#8 InMotion Hosting.#9 BlueHost.#10 Hostinger.More items…