Question: What Is Low Usage Charges In HDFC Bank?

Does HDFC charges for debit card?

HDFC Bank levies a fee of ₹ 200 towards replacement or reissuance of a debit card.

SBI charges a fee of ₹ 125 towards annual maintenance of its Classic debit card, according to its website.

For its Platinum debit card, HDFC Bank charges a fee of Rs 750 as annual renewal fee, according to the bank’s website..

What are the charges for not maintaining minimum balance in HDFC?

Balance Non-Maintenance Charges*AMB Slabs (in Rs.)Metro & UrbanSemi Urban>=7,500 to < 10,000Rs. 150/-NA>=5,000 to < 7,500Rs. 300/-NA>=2,500 to < 5,000Rs. 450/-Rs. 150/-2 more rows

Is HDFC debit card free?

150 + applicable taxes. **For HNW Customers (Classic, Preferred & Imperia), the Debit Card will be free, as long as the customer is part of the respective program.

Which HDFC debit card is better?

EasyShop Imperia Platinum Chip Debit Card The Resident Indians should have one of the following: savings account, current account, supersaver account, loan against shares account or salary account. The annual fee for EasyShop Imperia Platinum Chip Debit Card is Rs. 750 p.a.

Can I close my HDFC account with negative balance?

Either manager will close the account or the account will be dormant….. … For account closure we need to make it positive, if do not want to close then no need to pay but your -ve amount will be increase month by month. We may required hdfc in future for any loan so i think its better to pay and close the account.

What is average monthly balance HDFC?

HDFC BankBranch typeAverage monthly balanceUrbanRs. 10,000Semi-urbanRs. 5,000RuralRs. 2,500(Source: more row•Feb 11, 2019

Is minimum balance required for HDFC?

The minimum amount required for opening Savings Account in HDFC is Rs. 10,000 for metro Urban branches Rs. 5,000 For Semi Urban branches Rs. 2,500 for Rural branches is required to open a Savings Regular Account.

What happens if minimum balance is not maintained in HDFC Bank?

For savings account in metro cities, HDFC Bank may charge you as much as 600 rupees for not maintaining the minimum balance. With service Tax and other cess, the amount is more than Rs 600. The minimum balance limit in case of HDFC Bank is Rs 10,000 for urban branches and Rs 5,000 for semi-urban branches.

What is overdue charges in HDFC Bank?

Fees & ChargesDescription of ChargesHealthcare FinanceLate Payment Penalty2% per month on unpaid EMIProcessing feesHCEQ Loans: up to 1.00% of the Loan Amount (Applicable tax would be charged extra) + Service TaxHCPF/WC : upto 1.50 % OF loan / limit amount (Applicable tax would be charged extra) + Service Tax13 more rows

Is HDFC zero balance account available?

You can open a Savings Account, but you don’t have to maintain a minimum balance for it. Despite this, the bank will still provide the usual facilities that come with a regular Savings Account. As the name of the account implies, this is a zero-balance account. … Consequently, there is no penalty in case of zero balance.

How do I avoid annual fee for debit card?

Here are some suggestions on how to avoid paying debit card usage fees:Cash always works. OK. … Withdraw cash from a bank ATM. … Upgrade accounts. … Switch banks. … Use a credit card. … Pay with a check. … Switch to mobile payments. … Use electronic checking.More items…•

What is the minimum balance charges in HDFC?

Minimum Balance RequirementsBalance Non-Maintenance Charges*AMB Slabs (in Rupees)Metro & UrbanSemi Urban>=5,000 to < 7,500Rs. 300/-NA>=2,500 to < 5,000Rs. 450/-Rs. 150/-0 to < 2,500Rs. 600/-Rs. 300/-2 more rows