Question: Who Is The Least Popular Member Of NCT?

Who is better BTS or NCT?

In almost every category, Nct is better.


Visuals, nct is way better than bts.

To me, the visual score also has something to do with whether the visuals are there for a purpose or just to bring up the visual element..

TaeilThe least popular member is the one and only Taeil.

Who is the cutest in NCT?

Who Is The Cutest Member Of NCT?Chenle. 24.8%Jisung. 19.5%WinWin. 32.9%Renjun. 10.7%Jaemin. 12.1%

Why is Jaemin called Nana?

NCT Dream’s Jaemin is gaining love from fans and netizens alike not only for his gorgeous visuals but for his adorable nickname. Jaemin’s full name is Na Jaemin, so fans have given him the adorable nickname Nana! The nickname caught on within the fandom, and pretty soon, Jaemin started calling himself Nana!

Who is taeyong closest to in NCT?

Taeyong is closest to Doyoung, jaehyun, Johnny and Yuta. Mark and Haechan are BFFs. Mark is also close with Johnny, Jaehyun and Taeyong. Everyone loves WinWin, Taeil and Taeyong.

Who is the hottest NCT member?

Sexiest member from nct?Ten. 3 vote(s) 7.1%Johnny. 12 vote(s) 28.6%Taeyong. 9 vote(s) 21.4%Jaehyun. 10 vote(s) 23.8%Taeil. 1 vote(s) 2.4%Winwin. 0 vote(s) 0.0%Yuta. 6 vote(s) 14.3%Doyoung. 1 vote(s) 2.4%

Honestly, I think its a tossup between Lucas and Ten. … According to Kprofiles’ WayV bias Poll Ten is the most popular there, but Lucas isn’t far behind him.However, if look at their instagram accounts, Lucas has a million more followers than Ten.-More items…

Which NCT member is most attractive to Westerners?

Lucas is of course attractive as well. He has tan skin, big eyes, a button nose, and hes tall. This is seen as attractive in the western beauty standards. Jaehyun and Jaemin are attractive to westerners as well.

Do NCT members have girlfriends?

Currently, no one from NCT is dating because they simply do not have the time. … NCT 127 would have the highest chance of having girlfriends but all of them have expressed their feelings about dating and all said that they would like to focus more on the group for now until later years.

Is Lucas tattoo real WayV?

On the left side of those abs, was a sizable tattoo of an animal centered there. … Your browser does not support video. From the glimpses of the tattoo in the video clip and the teaser photo, it appeared to be a lion.

Comprehensively speaking, at least in Asia, Jaemin is the most popular member. He is the most popular in South Korea and Japan, and he is slightly less popular than Renjun in China but still among the top line. In North America, Mark, Taeyong, Johnny, Lucas, Jaehyun are all popular NCT members.