Question: Who Owns WorldRemit?

How much is WorldRemit worth?

WorldRemit raises $175M at $900M+ valuation to help users send money to contacts in emerging markets.

The value of remittances globally continues to rise, and today a startup that has built a business targeting money transfers into emerging markets has raised a large round of growth funding to capitalize on that..

Is WorldRemit a legitimate company?

WorldRemit is a legitimate and trustworthy money transfer service. It has excellent reviews on Trustpilot with an average rating of 4.5 (out of 5) across almost 40,000 reviews. … We would not hesitate to say that WorldRemit is among the most secure remittance services available.

Is WorldRemit and Remitly the same?

Remitly and WorldRemit are not the same. They are different companies but are both international money transfer companies. Both WorldRemit and Remitly have similar services. Send money overseas to foreign bank accounts, mobile airtime top’s, bill payments and cash pick-ups.

Is WorldRemit available in China?

WorldRemit is a global leader in online money transfers. … The new service significantly increases WorldRemit’s footprint in Asia-Pacific, allowing customers to transfer money to over 14 leading banks in China including Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of China and China Construction Bank.

Will a scammer send you money?

Scammers send money to you, sometimes by check, then ask you to send (some of) it to someone else. They often want you to use gift cards or wire transfers. … If you deposit the scammer’s check, it may clear but then later turn out to be a fake check. The bank will want you to repay it.

Which countries use WorldRemit?

Countries you can send money from with WorldRemitAfrica.Americas.Asia.Australia Oceania.Europe.Middle East.

Can WorldRemit be tracked?

You can track a WorldRemit transaction through SMS and email services provided by the company. … One of the significant importance of World Remit tracking services is that it allows you to know where your money is. That is why, you will always get a text message whether you are sending or receiving money.

Can I get my money back from WorldRemit?

It usually takes up to 7 working days for a refund to be credited back to you after we’ve cancelled the transaction. This can take longer depending on how you paid and/or your provider: Card (debit, credit and prepaid)

Can I use credit card on WorldRemit?

WorldRemit can accept most types of debit, credit and pre-paid cards that are issued by Visa or Mastercard. At this time WorldRemit cannot accept cards from the following issuers; Amex. Diner’s Card.

Can I use WorldRemit in Germany?

You can transfer money via WorldRemit from Germany to 140+ destinations across the world. … Where can I transfer money to in Germany?

Can WorldRemit send to Nigeria?

Now available in USD. WorldRemit. UPDATE: You can still send money to Nigeria. See our FAQ page here for details of how we’re updating our services in response to the Central Bank of Nigeria’s directives.

Which is better Remitly or WorldRemit?

In a nutshell: Both are leaders when it comes to smaller amounts including bank transfers, mobile wallet transfers and cash pick up. Remitly offers home delivery while WorldRemit offers prepaid mobile top ups. WorldRemit offers slightly better fees and also offers a business option.

How long does it take to receive money through WorldRemit?

Over 70% of our mobile money transfers to Ghana are paid in less than 10 minutes! We help your money reach your loved ones, even when they’re thousands of miles away.

Why is my WorldRemit disabled?

Why was my account disabled? As a regulated financial entity, we have to follow a set of rules regarding accounts and transactions. Sometimes an account doesn’t meet our approval criteria, and we have to disable it.

How much can I send through WorldRemit?

Are there any limits to the amount you can transfer? There are limits, which vary depending on the type of payment you’re making – here’s an outline: For transfers paid for using a credit, debit or pre-paid card, Apple Pay or Android Pay: Limit of AUD5,000 per transaction to a maximum of AUD50,000 in 24 hours.

Does WorldRemit work in USA?

Send money from the United States. You can transfer money via WorldRemit from the United States to 140+ destinations across the world. … For more general information on how WorldRemit works and how you can create a transfer, please visit our Getting Started pages.

Which is better Remitly or TransferWise?

Our recommendation: TransferWise is a better deal overall, but only Remitly offers cash payouts. TransferWise is an helps you send money online from one currency to another. Fees are competitive fees, and a unique aspect of the company is that TransferWise does not take a margin on the exchange rate.