Quick Answer: Can You Have 2 Grindr Accounts?

How do I bypass a grindr device ban?

If Grindr blocked the device after a user was banned the only way to access Grindr again is with a different device and email or contact Grindr and plead their case to lift the ban.

If the ban is lifted they would be on probation.

The ban would need to be removable due to phones being recycled and reused..

Does grindr delete inactive accounts?

For example, We may deactivate Your User Account due to prolonged inactivity. Without limitation of our other rights, We reserve the right to delete all Your User Content from the Grindr Services upon any termination or cancellation of Your User Account.

Does grindr show my phone number?

Purchases cannot be made through Grindr Lite at this time. Grindr does not receive or process payment card information directly; however, our third-party service providers may provide certain information to us (e.g., your name, phone number, partial payment card number, and email address).

Does grindr show your email address?

Grindr is sharing this information about you: Gender. The date of your last HIV test. Email addresses.

Can you make a new Grindr account after being banned?

Once your account is banned you cannot make an account with that same email. You can create another account with a different email though. Personally Grindr was something I used for a sense of validation because of my own insecurities. Grindr is nothing but hook up culture and that’s not for me.

How do I make a new account on Grindr?

You will be presented with our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for your review. Provided you choose to accept, you will then enter your email address, your chosen password and date of birth you can tap create account. You should now be able to create your profile for other Grindr users to see.

Can you share a Grindr account?

Yes, you can use the same account and keep both versions of Grindr on your phone. You can use whichever one suits your current data plan or network connection. Your photos, favorites, and profile info will by synced across both apps.

Can you fake your location on Grindr?

If you want to take things a step further, your best option is to install a fake-location app and spoof your location. … If you want to spoof your location anyway, you can download an Android emulator on your computer and use Grindr on there. This will help you conceal your real whereabouts.

Can I get unbanned from Grindr?

If you’re banned from Grindr on Android, delete the app and make a new account. Apple devices allow apps to see user info like your IMEI so, Grindr can effectively ban a device(for any reason, according to their terms).

How long does a grindr suspension last?

1 minute with the premium account and grindr can suspend you and keep your funds for any reason (or none at all) because that’s their discretion.

Can you have two accounts on Grindr?

You can use 2(two), 3(Three) or multiple Grindr accounts on your phone , android without root , and iphone.