Quick Answer: How Can I Add More Data To Smart?

Is Giga 50 still available?

The Smart GIGA STORIES is available in 50, 99, 299, 399, and 499, while GIGA STORIES PLUS, which comes with unlimited texts to all networks and unlimited tri-net calls, is available in 75, 149, 449, 549, and 649.


How do I install Surfsaya 20?

You can subscribe by using the keyword or just simply dial *121# on your phone then select SURFSAYA. You can now also EXTEND your promo additional one more day for only Php10.

How can I register Sun Gigasurf 50?

To register Sun Gigasurf 50, text GIGA50 then send to 247.

How do I extend my Giga 99?

To subscribe to Smart Giga Games 99, simply dial *121# on your iPhone or Android smartphone and press the call button. This launches the Smart Prepaid Offers interface and from there, you just need to choose Giga by typing 2 and clicking Send. After which, choose Games by typing 5 and clicking Send.

What are the Unli promos of smart?

1GB. P75 for 3 days. UNLITEXT to all networks + UNLICALL to Smart/TNT/Sun. … 2GB. P149 for 7 days. UNLITEXT to all networks + UNLICALL to Smart/TNT/Sun. … 4GB. P449 for 30 days. UNLITEXT to all networks + UNLICALL to Smart/TNT/Sun. … 6GB. P549 for 30 days. UNLITEXT to all networks + … 8GB. P649 for 30 days. UNLITEXT to all networks +

Can I register to gosurf50 twice?

Yes, you can register to GoSURF again. Registering to GoSURF will stack your remaining MB with the MB allocation of the GoSURF promo you are registering to. Your GoSURF promo will follow the GoSURF promo with the later expiry. Registering to another GoSURF also allows you to get another freebie of your choice.

How do I register my giga50 Smart 2020?

To register for Giga Surf 50, send GIGA 50 to 9999. To share data, send PASADATARecepient’s numberAmount of MB to 888. Giga Surf 50 is open to Smart and SmartBro subscribers.

How do I register all 50?

How To Subscribe To Smart All Out Surf 20, 30, 50, and 99 Data PromoDial *123# and hit call button.In the pop-up menu, go to “Other Offers” by sending “3”.Choose “AOS” option by sending “3” again. … Pick the All Out Surf promo that you prefer by sending the correct number for it.

What is all out surf 50?

It comes with 500mb mobile data bandwidth, unlimited Facebook, unli texts to all networks and 50 minutes of calls to Smart, TNT & Sun for 3 days and a free Youtube up to 1 hour (1GB/day*).

How can I add more GB to smart?

How to purchase data add-ons offline using My Smart appSTEP 1: Open your MySmart app. … STEP 2: Tap on the menu. … STEP 3: Choose the data add-on that you want to subscribe to. … STEP 4: Input your password to avail of the add-on.STEP 5: Tap on proceed to avail of the add-on.STEP 6: Your transaction is complete.

How can I buy Smart Data?

SMS bundles can be purchased by dialing SMS (767). Click here for a list of our available bundles, their prices, and expiration periods.Data packages can be purchased by dialing NET (638) for MB packages or DATA (3282) for GB packages.

How do I register my giga99 Smart 2020?

If you are a Smart Prepaid customer, register to Giga Surf 99 by texting GIGA99 to 9999.

What is Surfsaya 99?

TNT SURFSAYA 99 : 1.5GB data, 100MB/day Facebook, unli call and text for 7 days. … Upload selfie photos, chat with your friends or watch trending videos with 100mb free FB and Messenger everyday. It will also satisfy your communication needs as this promo provides unli calls trinet and unli all net texts.

Where can I send my GigaSurf50 smart?

Pasadata with GigaSurf50 GigaSurf50 is also big enough for subscribers to share with others through Pasadata, Smart’s innovative feature that lets subscribers pass on a chunk of their data to friends and loved ones. To share part of your GigaSurf50, simply text PASADATA MB and send to 808.

How do you add data to a Giga video?

To register, just dial *123# and select GIGA > VIDEO+. Giga Video All-Day Promo includes bulk amount of data, with 2GB Video Everyday access to YouTube, iWant TFC, NBA, and Cignal Play. To register, just dial *123# and select GIGA > ALL-DAY > VIDEO.

How do I add data to Surfsaya?

To Extend SURFSAYA:Dial *123# and then choose SURFSAYA EXTEND.Cost: 10 pesos.Validity: 1 day.(Subscribers can extend up to 3 times)

What GigaSurf 50?

GIGASURF50 is one of the GigaSurf Promos offered by Smart Prepaid. This GigaSurf 50 Promo by Smart offers on demand data package from surfing, and Free YouTube Everyday, which will surely meet the daily social and entertainment needs of its subscribers. And its the country’s first 1GB data offer at 50 Pesos.

What is trinet?

“It’s still unli, but it’s now tri-net – which means that Smart Prepaid subscribers can stay in touch and enjoy virtually endless conversations and SMS exchange with their friends and family, but their world has become so much bigger since now they can also call or text people using Sun.

How do I extend my GoSURF50?

How to Extend GoSURF50. If you still have remaining data and you don’t want to lose them when your GoSURF promo expires, you can extend it for another 24 hours by texting GS EXTEND to 8080.

Can I have 2 active promos in smart?

Yes, you may avail multiple PowerApp packages at the same time.

Can I extend Giga Video 50?

Follow the instructions below to do pasadata or share the open access data of your Giga Video 50 to other Smart Prepaid/TNT subscriber, so that you and your friend can extend surfing the internet. … Send data by texting PASADATA 11 digit number amount in MB then send to 808.