Quick Answer: How Can I Check My Data Usage On Connect Broadband?

How do I get an act bill?

Where do I see the invoice for the payment of my ACT account?Your statement of account is emailed to you periodically.

Click here to view your statement of account.You can also view your invoice on the mobile app..

How do I check my data usage on ACT Fibernet?

All Subscribers of Data Transfer Packages, can check their usage in “My Account” on selfcare.actcorp.in. On this page the usage records for the current month and previous months are indicated. We update our usage records once a day, so you can check your usage upto yesterday, at any given point in time.

How do I check my data usage on Airtel broadband?

Airtel smartbytes page allows http://www.airtel.in/smartbyte-s/page.html Airtel broadband users to check data usage. This page will open only if the Airtel broadband connection is working on your network. If your internet is not working properly then this page will not be open.

How can I check my Internet usage in BSNL broadband?

How to check BSNL usage data in My BSNL AppUnlock your mobile screen.Search for My BSNL App which you already have on your mobile phone or in Tab. … Open the application and find the Usage option to check data usage in iPhone or in Android phone. … Click on Usage.Select Broadband to know the usage.More items…

How can I find my broadband WIFI password?

Right-click on your wireless network, then select “Properties” from the pop-up menu. Click the “Security” tab in the “Wireless Properties” window. Select the check box next to “Show characters” to reveal the broadband password in the “Network security key” box.

How can I limit my broadband usage?

Navigate to the Internet Access policy utility on the router. Click the “Access Restrictions” tab and the “Internet Access Policy” button. Type in a name for this policy, such as “Dorm Room” or “Children’s Policy.” Click “Enabled” to activate the feature.