Quick Answer: How Do You Borrow Airtime On Telkom?

How do I check my Telkom account balance?

The easiest means of obtaining account balances, says Telkom, is via its balance enquiry SMS system.

Customers should send an SMS with their 10-digit Telkom landline telephone number, followed by a space and the account-holder’s ID number, from a mobile phone to 012 321 0210..

How do I borrow credit from Telkom?

How to useSimply dial *133# or send *133*15# to 133 if you’re using Telkom Kenya.Dial *131# to check balance.If you don’t utilize your Pewa within the stated validity period, it’ll be rolled over just like normal airtime.More items…

How does Telkom ETU work?

Telkom ETU (Emergency Top Up) is a scam. When you buy normal Telkom airtime you will get additional free strictly for voice airtime which expires in one week. When you request ETU you will be credited with just only strictly for voice airtime, but don’t expirer after one week.

How do I make a please call me?

Please call me is a service intended to inform other people to call you back. To send a Please call me, dial *140*destination number# OK. A “Please call me” SMS will be sent to a destination number with your phone number as the sender.

How do I load data on Telkom?

How to top your Telkom LTE data:Navigate to your Telkom App.You will get to the main dashboard on your screen.Navigate to accounts.Select Buy.Scroll through the list of options and select Data Bundles.Select the bundle type – LTE/LTE-A once off.Select your preferred bundle amount eg.More items…

How do I check my Telkom bundle balance?

Here are two easy ways to do a Telkom Mobile balance check to see your data, airtime and SMS balances:Prepaid and budget customers can dial *188# from their phones and smart devices and follow the on-screen instructions.You can download the free My Telkom app for Android or the My Telkom app for iPad and iPhones.

What is the USSD code for Telkom?

Telkom USSD CodesMaster Menu*180#Check Balance*188#Buy Airtime/Data*180#Request your own mobile number*1#Please Call Me*140*mobile number#

How do I reverse a call on Telkom?

Dial 128, followed by the Telkom number, to access reverse call. Service applies to on-net calls only.

Can I convert Telkom airtime to data?

Convert your recharged air time in to data. if your 8ta modem is connected You will see your sim number and data balance. Below that you will see purchase data bundle select the data bundle you want and click purchase. You will receive a confirmation of the data purchase.

Is WhatsApp free with Telkom?

So, in short, WhatsApp is free to use with Telkom if you’ve bought their FreeMe package. But it only remains free while that bundle has data left on it. Once FreeMe has run out, the messaging service will then start costing you.

How do I convert airtime to minutes on Telkom?

Yes, Prepaid and Saver/Top-Up subscribers will need to purchase airtime and convert to voice minutes bundles via USSD by dialling *180# then dial button from the handset and follow the menu prompts.

How do you do a reverse phone call?

Simply put a # followed by the number you wish to call e.g #07XX XXX XXX. How will the person receiving the call know it’s a Reverse Call? When the person receiving answers the call, they will get an announcement requesting them to either accept or decline by pressing 1 to accept or 2 to decline .

How long does Telkom airtime last?

The denominations are as follows: up to R5: 30 days. R6 – R10: 60 days. R11 – R20: 90 days.

How do I send Please call me from Telkom?

Telkom Mobile: Again, like the other networks, sending the “Please Call Me” on Telkom Mobile is very easy. You dial *140*0811234567# and hit Dial. Once you’ve run Dial, you will receive a message saying that the “Please Call Me has been sent successfully.”