Where Are Kaltura Videos Saved?

How do I access Kaltura videos?

Use My MediaIn the course navigation menu of your Canvas course, click Kaltura: My Media.

On the “My Media” screen, open the Add New menu and select Media Upload.Click Choose a File to Upload, locate the file on your computer, and then select it.More items…•.

How do you get kaltura?

How do I install Kaltura Capture on a PC?In My Media in Canvas, or in MediaSpace, click on “+ Add New” and choose “Kaltura Capture”Click on Download for Windows. … Locate the installation app and double-click on it. … Click “Run” to install Kaltura Capture.When installation is complete, return to Canvas or MediaSpace, click “+ Add New” and choose “Kaltura Capture”More items…•

Can you edit Kaltura videos?

Kaltura allows you to make changes to videos after they have already been uploaded into your My Media page. You can alter the video description, adjust which formats are available for download, and even replace the video file entirely.

Is there a way to download videos from canvas?

How do I download a My Media video?Go to any Canvas site and click My Media. … To the right of the video you want to download, click on the Edit icon (pencil) … Click Downloads. … Checkmark Source, then click Save. … Click Go to Media. … Use the Details dropdown box to select Download. … Click Download.

How much does kaltura cost?

Kaltura pricing Video hosting and streaming via Kaltura VPaaS is generally sold using a pay-as-you-go model. Bandwidth costs $0.17 per GB, storage costs $0.25 per GB, and transcoding costs $2.25 per GB. Live streaming costs a flat rate of $0.25 per minute streamed.

Where are Kaltura videos saved Mac?

Opening the Capture Recordings Folder on macOSOpen a Finder window.Open Finder’s Go menu.Choose Go to Folder…Type or copy-and-paste: ~/Library/Preferences/Kaltura/Capture/Recordings.Click the Go button.

How do I upload Kaltura video to Blackboard?

Step-by-step guideChoose a content area that you would like to upload your video into. … Click Add New and then click Media Upload.Choose a file from your computer that you would like to upload.Fill out the details and click Save. … Click Select to embed this video.Click Embed.More items…•

How do I download videos from my media?

How to Download Media in MyMediaAccess your MyMedia library by clicking the MyMedia at the top of the home page in Blackboard (mymason.gmu.edu).Click the Title of the Video or the Edit icon (pencil) next to a video.Select the Download icon on the player.

How do I save Kaltura videos to my computer?

Under My Media, select Edit for the video or audio recording you would like to download. In the Downloads tab, check the boxes next to the formats you wish to have available for download (depending on the original file’s format, not all will be available). Click Save then click Go To Media.

Can students download Kaltura videos?

Step 1: Go to your Kaltura Media Gallery and set your Download preferences. If you don’t see your video, click the Add Media button. Click on the video that you want students to be able to download. … You can select any or all Download options.

What is a Kaltura video?

Kaltura provides a single unified video platform to drive your company’s digital transformation. Get the tools to power every video use case that modern businesses require. See how Kaltura’s video solutions for enterprise can make your business more efficient, effective, and engaging.

Is kaltura safe?

Kaltura is also secure to use, so videos won’t be seen by unintended audiences.

Who uses Kaltura?

Kaltura’s mission is to power any video experience. Our wide array of video solutions are deployed globally across thousands of enterprises, media companies, service providers, and educational institutions, leveraging video to teach, learn, communicate, collaborate, and entertain.

Why is my kaltura Access Denied?

A Kaltura video may display an “Access Denied” message for anyone other than the video owner if it’s previously been inserted in 32 (or sometimes fewer) courses.

Can you combine two Kaltura videos?

Video Editing and Interactivity Kaltura does not have a video combine feature. If you need to combine two or more videos, consider downloading the MP4s and using a desktop video editing tool such as iMovie (on MacOS) or MP4Joiner, merge them into a single MP4 and then re-upload to Kaltura.