Which Bank Is BSB?

What bank is BSB 112879?

STG St.George Bank112-879 is a BSB Number of STG St.

George Bank (a division of Westpac Banking Corp) ..

What bank is BSB 062589?

Commonwealth Bank of Australia062-589 is a BSB Number of Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

Do I need BSB for international transfer?

Foreign Currency Accounts don’t require a BSB. If the sender requests one the BSB 082-039 can be used. Please check your BSB and account numbers carefully. Payments made to an account number may still be paid (even if the name doesn’t match the account).

Do credit cards have a BSB number?

Note that credit cards don’t have a BSB number. If you’re looking to pay off your credit card, use the BPAY details on your credit card statement.

Which bank has this BSB?

What is a BSB Number?NumberCodeBank01ANZAustralia and New Zealand Banking Group03 or 73WBCWestpac Bank06 or 76CBACommonwealth Bank08 or 78NABNational Australia Bank

What is a bank code Australia?

A Bank State Branch (often referred to as “BSB”) is the name used in Australia for a bank code, which is a branch identifier. … For international transfers, a SWIFT code is used in addition to the BSB and account number. The BSB identifier consists of six numerals, the first two or three of which is a bank identifier.

What is a BSB number in America?

It’s much like a SWIFT code, but used for local, rather than international transfers. The format of the BSB code is XXY-ZZZ. The first two digits (XX) specify the bank or financial institution where the money is being sent. The third digit (Y) tells which state the branch is located in.

What is the bank code for ANZ Australia?

ANZ Australia’s SWIFT/BIC code is ANZBAU3M.

What is BSB code?

A BSB (Bank-State-Branch) is a six-digit number that identifies banks and branches across Australia. … You can also see the BSB number for each of your accounts in NetBank. When you want to transfer money to someone, you’ll need the recipient’s BSB as well as their account number.

Is bank code and branch code same?

The first four characters of this code represent the bank code. Last 6 digits represent the bank location. Last three digits indicate the bank branch code. The last three characters are optional and represent the branch code.

What is bank code for Commonwealth Bank?

CommBank uses SWIFT codes to send money to overseas banks. A SWIFT code consists of 8 or 11 characters. CommBank’s SWIFT code is CTBAAU2S. You’ll need to give this code to anyone sending money to you from overseas.

What is swift code for St George Bank in Australia?

Bank name: St. George. SWIFT/BIC code: SGBLAU2S.

What is a BSB number St George?

BSB is an acronym for Bank State Branch number. This six-digit number represents your bank and the branch where your account is held. You will need this number when setting up automatic payments such as periodical payments or direct debits between St. George and another party.

What does BSB mean in banking?

bank, state and branch numberBSB stands for bank, state and branch number. It identifies the bank, branch and state in which you opened your account.

How do I find my BSB?

Your BSB number can be found by searching for the branch in which you opened your account. The BSB number will show in the search results alongside the branch location and hours of operation. On your statements. Your BSB and account number will appear on your statement copies.